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Dartball Vinyl Board Cover Installation Instructions

This may be easier to accomplish with two people--but one person can do it.

1. Pick a suitable 48" x 48" substrate material for your dartboard. Any material that allows darts to stick and that has one smooth surface will work. However, we find that standard 3/4" veneer-core plywood works best. Foam board materials allow the dart to penetrate too deeply thereby allowing the dart head to hit and dent the board's surface. Old dartboards will work if the surface will still accept an adhesive vinyl sticker (a material similar to a bumper sticker).

Note: Clean the substrate's surface thoroughly and allow to dry completely, if necessary, to help ensure that the adhesive will stick.

2. On a clean flat surface (the floor works), lay out the vinyl adhesive board cover face down. Peel back a strip of the release liner approximately 2" along one side. Gently flatten the creased liner to expose a strip of the adhesive.

3. Flip the vinyl sticker over and carefully align the exposed seam to one 48" edge on the substrate and firmly burnish it down with the palm of your hand.

Note: Avoid using anything to burnish the sticker that could scratch its surface.

4. With one hand between the vinyl and the substrate, slowly peel away the release liner from the underside while burnishing the sticker onto the substrate with your other hand. Move slowly, revealing two or three inches of adhesive at a time and burnishing as you go. This removes air bubbles and ensures that the vinyl has adhered to the dartboard's surface.

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