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Game Playing Rules

The basic rules are simple:

Each dart thrown represents a pitched ball.

The player throwing the dart is the "batter."

The game may be played with as many as nine on a side, though less can play just as well, or even two persons, each representing a team.

Outs are "struck" when the batter hits an out zone on the board, hits a line between two zones or completely misses the board.

Zones other that the Out zones describe the batter's play.

League Rules

The purpose of a dartball league is to promote good fellowship among the players and to provide some wholesome fun and recreation for participants.

The following rules are guidelines adapted from collected league rules and are provided here for general guidelines and refinement.

Ultimately all rules will be made by the team captains and league officials at annual meetings.

1. There is no age or gender limit on team members.

2. Each team can play each night with only six players but not less than six. When a team plays with only six players, the vacant positions will be labeled as a "BOZO." A "BOZO" will be an automatic out when it is his time to bat. When a player arrives, he may be entered into the game in the position of one of the "BOZOs."

3. A player will be allowed to change teams only once during the season, providing the player has made the initial contact with the new team. There will be no recruiting of players from another team by a team within this league.

4. Each night, three games of nine innings will be played with a short rest period between games. Games ending in a tie will go into extra innings until the tie is broken.

5. The captain of each team will appoint a dart board and foul line umpire before each game. While a player is at bat, the board umpire is to stay behind a line drawn on the floor, two feet back from the board on both the first and third base lines. Any foul called by the foul umpire must be accepted. Players are to sit at least three feet back from the throwing line to give the batter plenty of throwing room. THERE WILL BE NO WAVING OF HANDS AT ANY TIME. All players, except the player at bat and the next two players in the lineup, must be seated. The scorekeeper and his assistant are the only contestants to be behind the batter. No other activity will be going on in the same room while playing the games.

6. Darts hitting anywhere outside the playing field are called outs. The playing field is inside the 2" green border of the dart board. If a dart sticks into another dart, it will be called a dead dart and removed from the playing area. Darts hitting inside the playing area but not sticking in the board shall be called a dead dart and removed before the next dart is thrown.

7. A SACRIFICE hit (S), with only one out or less, will advance ALL runners and is not counted as a time at bat. A SACRIFICE hit with no runners on base or with two outs will be called a dead dart and removed from the board and another dart will be thrown. A dart hitting the DOUBLE-PLAY (DP) area with no outs or with one out and runners on base will result in the runner nearest home as well as the batter being called out. A dart hitting the (DP) area with two outs and no one on base will be called a dead dart and removed from the board. Another dart will then be thrown in its place. An ERROR (E) gives the batter first base but any other runners are not advanced unless forced. An (E) is considered a time at bat.

8. Runners advance one base if the batter hits a single, two bases if the batter hits a double and three bases if the batter hits a triple. A home run clears the bases.

9. If a player does not bat when it is his or her time to do so and this is discovered before the inning is over, he or she will be called out and lose his or her time at bat. If any runs are scored after there should have been three outs, they will not be counted. All plays made between the discovery and prior to the third out will stand. The lead-off batter for the next inning will be the one immediately following the batter credited with making the last out in the inning in question.

10. Any player entering the game as a pinch hitter will be allowed to throw five practice darts if he or she so desires, providing he or she had not practiced, declined the opportunity to practice during the pregame practice period or played in any game that night. There will be no practicing between games. NO ONE EXCEPT PLAYERS WILL BE ALLOWED TO THROW DARTS.

11. There will be no smoking in the game room on dartball night. No one will be allowed to practice or play if alcohol is detected on his or her breath.

12. The team captains are responsible for the enforcement of these rules.

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